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Xingjian (Francesca) Li

My name is Xingjian Li, my – well, not only German, rather – western name is Francesca. I completed a BA in Electrical Engineering from 2003-2007 at the University of Science and Technology in Shanghai. Then I decided to go to Germany and continue my academic education. First, I learned German in the courses of Communikation Akoun & Scholten (CAS). I can now express myself very well both in writing and orally and I have familiarized myself well with indigenous society in Germany. The methods of the course were good, the teachers cool. I felt well prepared for my studies at the University of Duisburg-Essen. That’s how I started in 2008 in Technical Logistics. After two and a half years I had my Master’s degree in my pocket. During my studies, I worked at Communikation Akoun & Scholten as an assistant to the management and, of course, accompanied the CAS exchange projects with China. At TOTAL Germany I worked as an intern during my studies. In both activities I was able to gain extensive intercultural professional experience and work together in multicultural teams, which in my opinion is the future of work in the world. After finishing my studies, I joined Kühne & Nagel, one of the largest logistics service providers in the world. I have worked my way up from management trainee to solution engineer in Contract Logistics (China). In May 2019 I changed my position and now (June 2019) work as Senior Sales Supervisor at LF Logistics, a Hong Kong company, in its Shanghai office. I took the next step in my career. I made progress with my German education.
I wish the language school Communikation Akoun & Scholten all the best and much success. I will always remember my time with you very well. Keep it up!


Version in Chinese

Xingjian (Francesca) Li

我叫李行健,不只是德语名字,所有的外国人都叫我Francesca. 本人于2003-2007就读于上海科技大学,并成功获得本科学位。在此之后我果断的决定要来到德国继续我的学术生涯。首先我在Communikation Akoun & Scholten (CAS)学习德语。我现在的德语水平在书面上和口语方面可以做到灵活的运用以及和熟悉了德国的本土文化。德语的课程设置非常好,上课的老师也是非常酷。为我进入杜伊斯堡埃森大学专业课学习之前做了非常好的准备工作。自此我在2008年进入了物流专业的学习。两年半后我获得了研究生学位。在我攻读研究生学位期间,我一直在Communikation Akoun & Scholten的语言学校担任管理助理的职务,主要的负责语言学校的中德交换项目。在TOTAL德国我作为实习生得益学以致用。两份工作都给了我丰富的多文化工作经验,使我能够在多文化的团队里工作,在我看来,这是世界未来的工作。完成学业后我开始在世界最大的物流公司之一Kühne & Nagel工作。我从培训管理一路打晋升至Contract Logistics(中国)的解决方案工程师。2019年5月我跳槽到香港LF物流上海分公司担任高级销售总监。我为我的事业迈出了下一步。我的德语教育也取得了进步。
我祝愿Communikation Akoun & Scholten语言学校一切顺利并取得成功。在那里的回忆和经历值得我一生珍藏。请继续努力!