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Jie Zhou

My name is Jie Zhou. I already started my academic career in Europe in Rotterdam (Netherlands) at the Rotterdam Business School. I completed a BA in Logistics in English. Afterwards I went to Germany and first learned German at Communikation Akoun & Scholten for one year (2006). Yes, learning German is work, but the course was fun, and the lecturers did a good job. After I had passed the DSH examination, I started a Master’s degree in Logistic Engineering at the University of Duisburg-Essen and completed it after 2.5 years (2009). Then I started to work in Germany. First at the Deutsche Post in Bonn. After one year I changed to the subsidiary of Deutsche Post, DHL, and after 2 years in Bonn I was transferred to the branch of DHL in Singapore and worked in the Regional Route Management as a Risk Manager.
2014 was an important year for me. I changed my job again and started at Daimler (Daimler Northeast Asia Parts Trading and Services). For more than 5 years now (now as Senior Manager) I have been involved in warehouse logistics planning, managing warehouse design and construction projects and developing automation projects in existing warehouses together with my team. I no longer work in Germany – my office is currently in Beijing – but I work for a German company. My studies (and of course my language skills) gave me a good start in companies that all earn their money at the interface between Germany and China.
Finding and training young people for these jobs is, I think, an important contribution of the Tsinghua project and language training within the partnership between the UDE and its Chinese partners. Thank you very much for that!


Version in Chinese

Jie Zhou

我叫周洁。我的欧洲留学之路始于荷兰鹿特丹商学院。我在那里完成了英语授课的物流专业本科学习。之后我来到了德国参加了Communikation Akoun & Scholten为期一年的德语学期。德语学习是艰苦的,但也是快乐的。老师们非常的棒。之后我通过了DSH考试并被杜伊斯堡-埃森大学的物流硕士专业录取。通过两年半的学习我于2009年毕业。毕业后我选择留德工作。我最早工作于波恩的德国邮政总部。一年后我转岗去了德国邮政的子公司——敦豪快递(DHL)。又在波恩工作两年后我被调往新加坡的DHL分公司并于区域路线管理部担任风险管理经理。