Terms and Conditions
Communikation Akoun & Scholten

1. Requirements for participation (general)
All offered classed are for adults. Exceptions are made for adolescents of 17 years of age, depending on the individual case. In this case we need a exclusion of supervision declaration of the parent or legal guardian. If desired, we create a special class offer for adolescents under the age of 17. All our regular classes are not suitable for adolescents for this age group.

2. Application and reservation of classes
Application for our classes is accepted in written form via our application form (also online) and is binding. By written application participants obligate themselves to a full payment of class fees. After the deposit for the booked language class (between 50 € and 150 €) is received, or proof of a declaration of the assumption of costs of a third party (i.e,. Bamf, Arge, stipend confirmation etc.) is presented, a reservation confirmation will be issued. As soon as payments have been received, or a receipt of a declaration of the assumption of costs has been presented, the final confirmation for the class will be handed out.

3. Payment of class fees
Booked language classes need to be paid in full and in advance at the latest by the first day of class. If fees are not paid by the first day of class no guaranteed right for the reserved class space exists, if not other conditions are agreed upon in written form and explicitly. Payment in full continues to exist independent of this agreement.

4. Method of payment
Payments in cash and deposits are accepted.

5. Deadline for cancellations
Cancellation of a booked class is accepted up to two weeks before start dates of the class. Cancellation must be received in written form. Later cancellations can only be accepted if participating in integral classes facilitated by Arge of Bamf. If cancellation is received on time, class fees will be reimbursed in full minus a cancellation fee of 50 € for integral classes and 150 € for preparatory classes. If cancellations are not received within deadlines, fees must be paid in full.

6. Liability and insurance
No insurance cover is included in class fees. Participants need to contract their own health, accident and liability insurance, if not other conditions are agreed upon. Participants are liable for damages caused.

7. Circumvention of participants
If participants are unable to attend in full or partially due to personal issues like health or visa problems, no claim exists to attend a class at a later date.

8. Cancellation of classes by Communikation Akoun & Scholten
Communikation Akoun & Scholten are liable to cancel a language class up to 5 business days before start dates. In this case substituting classes are offered or fees/advance payments will be reimbursed in full without deduction of bank or processing fees.

9. Class and learning material
Costs for respective class and learning materials are not included in class fees unless noted otherwise.

10. Evaluation and class change
Participants will be evaluated by a test done by Communikation Akoun & Scholten and then placed in their respective levels. A change of class is only possible in exceptional cases and with the agreement of the teaching staff. No claims to a specific class time (morning, afternoon, evening) are accepted. Times will be determined by Communikation Akoun & Scholten.

11. Data privacy
Participants agree to the digital recording and processing of personal data by Communikation Akoun & Scholten in order to process applications and for administrative and bookkeeping purposes

12. Place of jurisdiction
Place of jurisdiction is Duisburg.