Multimodular German class

Multimodular German course B2/C1

This class is geared to participants who already have a knowledge of the German language and successfully completed level B1. This class serves as a preparation for studies at a German university. This class consists of 690 hours and various modules.

Before starting the class students have to complete an evaluation test. In level B2 scientific language is the focus of attention. Understanding complex texts about concrete and abstract topics is one of the objectives. Test relevant grammatical topics will be trained and intensified. Numerous discussions about various topics about university life are intended to give the student a broad capacity to express him/herself in a clear and detailed fashion, in order to argue the point of view of a current issue and illustrate the pros and cons of various interpretations. At the end of the class there will be a written test. Passing of the test is mandatory to reach level C1.

The objective of C1 is the passing of the German language examination for university admission „telc C1 Hochschule“. Therefore, scientific language is also the focal point of this class, mastered in productive and receptive form. Besides, the mediation of various learning techniques and test strategies are geared to a successful passing of the examination test. Ongoing test exams will prepare the student in an optimal way for the test situation and give a evaluation of the individual level. Learning materials are included in the class fee.


This is an intensive class consisting of 30 units of 45 minutes each per week.
Fee: 2,960 € per participant

Information about the contents of the class:
Ms. Cherima Kus MA
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fax: +49 203 346 31 46