Intercultural Training

School and improve your intercultural competence with our individually tailored training courses. Whether for your international work, for your team or for you personally with the aim of interacting successfully and closely with people from other cultures.

Get to know cultural differences in terms of attitude and knowledge and learn appropriate skills.

We offer the following intercultural trainings:

  • China
  • India
  • France
Dr. Dirk Scholten-Akoun

Telefon: +49 211-346 31 45

Conflict management

With our advice on conflict management, we would like to support you with problems in everyday life or at work.

Delphine Akoun

Telefon: +49 203-36 29 90

Workshops „Writing“

Writing is a very important part of work in many professions today. In the working world shaped by digitization, writing skills are not subject to lower, but significantly higher requirements. In some professions, the time you spend writing texts has doubled or tripled. E-mails, sometimes also real letters in paper form, posts on the social media platforms Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, etc., reports, presentations (whether as PPT or in brochure form), protocols, responses to complaints etc…the types of text that you must master are numerous.

In the seminar – if possible on the basis of your own sample texts – the linguistic means are identified and practiced that distinguish a well-written text from a less well-written text.

This is a selection from our specific seminar offers:

  • Writing reports and statements in an understandable manner
  • Writing protocols in an understandable manner
  • Writing press releases in an understandable and interesting way
  • Communication in e-mails, Internet texts or letters – understandable, concise and communicative
  • Answering complaints clearly and effectively
  • Development/ revision of standard reply letters or macros
  • Writing scientifically and understandably

We offer the seminars as online workshops or in-house training courses. According to your wishes.

Dr. Dirk Scholten-Akoun

Telefon: +49 211-346 31 45